A post about posts!

Wow, that is what our reaction was over some posts. The hard work of planning and the actual purchase of the land has actually turned out to be the easy part. But how hard can moving some posts actually be? And why are a couple of posts so important?

The chances are, you are not aware of George’s BIG BUILD, click the link to
read about the first installment, I think then, reading about posts will make a lot more sense!

All caught up? Let’s continue.

So, in order to be able to maximise the footprint of the building to allow for a larger cafe area for you all to enjoy some hot puddings with a coffee with George and the team, he had to move a utility post just 10m! This was not just an expensive mission, the amount of paperwork involved was almost never-ending.

Moving the post is also great news for the street itself as it allows for the new kitchens and cafe, to be in line with the other shops on the street making for a more aesthetically pleasing building to look at.

Sacrifices had to be made

Georges missed motorhome

Who knew that the poles and a party wall agreement would be such an expensive and a time-consuming process! RIP George’s Motorhome, such a workhorse in helping transport George and his tasty puddings & sponges to his shows to meet you all throughout the UK. But do not worry, George and his team have made plans to keep traveling the UK to meet you all!

Some said,

“Just go back to planning and change your design”,

George’s answer

“When you have a dream in mind and want to maximize the footprint to bring in a tasting bar area to your kitchens, you got to roll with the punches.”

So, Pole moves agreed with Western Power and Wales and West, next achieving that party wall agreement.

Some 9 months later and I know George is hoping this was the last mountain of paperwork to tackle, two-party walls surveyors reached an agreement, Phew!

But we have to say, to all our neighbours-to-be, you have all been so amazing and we are looking forward to being able to move in and officially call you our neighbours!

Last thoughts from George,

“Right let’s get this done, I can put back on my whites and serve some scrumptious puddings with a beverage to wash them down.”

The next phase of the works can now start with the demolition of the old building! But that is for a new update that is coming very soon.

To help support George, and as a thank you, with every purchase of £25 or more on his puddings or steamed sponges during September, you will get a free, and limited edition, Ultimate Gin Pudding.