George’s BIG BUILD

As part of Georges BIG BUILD, he thought it would be nice to add to his workload and write up some regular updates. As you may be aware, George is setting off on an ambitious project to build a new kitchen and all the way back in 2016, purchased the old Otter Vale building, the one he started his journey of Georgie Porgies in whilst working there during his weekend job!

The building has seen better days and has been derelict for several years now. It took a further 2 years to get planning permission granted for it’s redevelopment back last year for, and this is the exciting part, a new bakery and cafe!

George wanted to breath new life into a disused area of Budleigh Salterton at the same time, securing the future of Georgie Porgies Puddings… and I think that is a tasty (and good) idea!

Over the last few years though, it has been a huge challenge to get funding sorted. Being a small business, George has had to jump through hoops trying to secure the funds, not easy in this climate for a labour of love, BUT NOW, he needs you help due to a massive increase in costs of a post… yes, a post (we will write about this as a new post)!

So how can you help George?

As you can imagine, George and his team spend a lot of time and money to build up stock ready for Christmas, it is, after all, part of the secret to getting a tasty pudding for your Christmas meal to enjoy with your family. Because of this, and the need for some cash flow, George is asking you all to bring the purchase of your Christmas puddings forward by a month and buy them now! And as a thank you, he is giving away a brand new, and free, Ultimate Gin Pudding with everyone spending £25 or more on his site.

With bringing the sales forward, this means he can start works on the build sooner with more security. So please take advantage, during September, of this special offer and at the same time, being able to help George out… if you want to help further, please tell your friends, your colleagues, your family about Georges story and let’s help George achieve a dream.

Please purchase your puddings today here