Georges BIG Build

Georges BIG Build

Georgie Porgie Puddings was born with the first batch of Christmas puddings made in what was Otter Vale Products, which is where George had his first Saturday job (be sure to read the history of Georgie Porgies). Fast forward 25 years, the amount of love and demand for George’s puddings and sponges has grown to such an extent, that his current kitchens are just not large enough to cope!

Moving forward, George needs to move into a larger kitchen so that he does not dissapoint you by selling out of his puddings! The opportunity arose, that on Georgie Porgies 25th anniversary year, he could buy the now derelict building and land to which he first started his journey and come full circle but this is where George needs your help.

The plan is simple, George will be demolishing the old building and helping regenerate an empty plot of land in the heart of Budleigh Salterton with a new, purpose built kitchen and retail area and we are going to document the progress right here but, as said, George needs your help. He says:

“Removing a derelict building from the landscape and actually getting to build from the ground up is awe-inspiring.”

“Having the opportunity to give back to Budleigh that has been my home for so long by bringing employment into the town is a big thing for me along with securing the future of Georgie Porgie Puddings and not letting down all our fans.”

Taking the hard route and setting out on a journey to build a brand new kitchen in this way is a huge challenge both logistically and financially but with George’s passion for the brand and product with the support of his suppliers and customers, we can achieve anything!

Already, so many important steps have been accomplished, we have the majority of funding secured, the plans drawn up and a starting date but as with all projects of this nature, George needs your help!!

So how can I help George?

If you want to help George, we are asking all his customers to buy their christmas puddings early to help raise the final £20 000 he needs in order to complete the BIG BUILD and to help spread the word about Georgie Porgie Puddings to your friends and family. As a huge thank you, George has created a brand new “Ultimate Gin Pudding“, in limited edition packaging and for everyone who spends more than £25 (not including P&P) during September, he will be sending out one of these puddings for free! 

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