How to make the ultimate Christmas Pudding

Georgie Porgies top tips for the ultimate homemade Christmas Pudding

Tip 1
Always use quality ingredients!
In our Christmas Puddings, you will never see candied peel (popular in a lot of commercial Christmas Puddings). It doesn’t taste authentic and is sprayed with sulphur dioxide to keep its vibrant colour – a massive thumbs down from us! We value best quality ingredients without chemicals.
Here at Georgie Porgies, we halve, juice and boil our lemons, limes and oranges before they are blended into our puddings by hand. This gives each pudding a genuine taste of citrus and will help to keep the pudding moist and sumptuous. More moisture can be produced in the puddings by initially soaking the dried fruit in either alcohol or tea depending on your taste prior to making the pudding.

Tip 2
To create a lightly textured pudding, the secret is in the mixing and handling. Be gentle: slowly fold the ingredients into the mixture (stirring too vigorously will result in a very unhappy pudding), then lightly ball the mixture by hand to keep the air in and ensure a light, fluffy pudding; the last thing you want is a brick on Christmas Day.

Tip 3
A good Christmas Pudding must be steamed from 4-12 hours, depending on the size. This is also to avoid a lumpy Christmas Pud’ and get the perfect outcome: a moist and succulent Christmas dessert.

Tip 4
Once made, wrap your puddings in a good quality greaseproof paper twice. Never use tin foil as the acidity of the pudding can react with the tin foil and ruin all your hard work. Store on a dry, clean shelf for at least 6 months. In our opinion, Christmas Puddings made on “Stir up Sunday” (the last Sunday before Advent begins) which is when it is suggested traditional Christmas Puddings are made, should be stored for a year and consumed the following Christmas, not this one.

A good quality Christmas Pudding will keep for years which is a good thing for your taste buds as it needs time for the spices in the pudding to break down and the flavours to mull. Follow these tips with your recipes and your puddings will a homemade success!