Our Kitchen

Inside The Georgie Porgie Kitchen

Here at Georgie Porgie’s Puddings, every delicious sweet treat we make is handmade in our Budleigh-based kitchen. Each delicious pudding or sponge from us is prepared by our expert pudding chefs, so each pudding is special!

As well as the kitchen we have now, we’ve also got exciting plans for expansion! While we’re not quite ready to pull back the curtains just yet, watch this space for news as the year goes on!

George prepares the fresh lemons and limes for one of our scrumptious Lemon & Pimm’s Puddings. Each one of our puddings is chock full of fresh ingredients, for the tastiest pudding possible.

A little helper checks on a new batch of puddings as they steam. We make all our puddings traditionally, that means steaming them to get that authentic taste. Looks like another good bunch!

A fresh set of puddings, cooling down before they can be removed from their metal casings. Once they’re done here, they’ll be put into bags so that they can settle in properly.

All done in the kitchen! These puddings are on their way to settle in, then it’ll be time to wrap them in one of our signature pudding cloths and then they’re off to your dinner table!

A fresh batch of our exquisite steamed sponges settling down in their pots. Each set is separated off into one of the 4 delectable flavours; Sticky Toffee, Treacle, Spotted Dick and Strawberry Jam.