Our special 12 pack of sponges is well received

Recently, George introduced a new 12 pack size of his 4 steamed sponges and we are pleased to say, they have been well received by those who have seen them with a 5 star series of reviews! The question is, have you tried them yet?

Carolyn Stroud (verified owner)  

Wow, what a great idea! These little puddings are a taste of delicious nostalgia, and totally effortless! I’m so glad to have discovered them, and have now given a selection pack to my daughter for her family – joy all round!
The tubs are simple to stack in fridge or freezer, and cook, even from frozen, in moments – a real bonus when time is of the essence and comfort food is a necessity. Pots of delight!

jamiewhitehorn(verified owner)  

Simply delicious – four different flavours and three of each make up the pack. Mine arrived very quickly (in 2 days) and very well packed. If you like traditional pudding then this is for you. The only tricky decisions you’ll need to make is which flavour to have first … and whether you go for accompanying custard, or cream, or nothing. The size is very good, you can either have one each, or split them between two people. We split them with plenty of custard 🙂

Sharon (verified owner)  

Love Georgie’s Puddings and this is heaven in a box 😊