Puddings are not just for winter

Now, of course puddings will always have their place in winter. Warm and comforting, George’s puddings are a perfect way to escape from the chilly weather, and his famous Christmas Pudding was recently named as one of the best! But George’s puddings are not only for the colder months. His unique flavours can be enjoyed all year round, and here are a few favourites…

Enjoy Wimbledon a little differently this year with his Lemon & Pimm’s Pudding. Homemade with fresh ingredients, George blends the classic alcohol of the British summer with citrus fruits and sultanas to bring you a rich yet refreshing pudding.

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, why not try George’s Orange & Cointreau Pudding or indulge in his Chocolate Orange & Baileys Pudding. Both scrumptious and unbelievably satisfying, George’s puddings would be the hit of any summer party, or you could just enjoy them all by yourself!