The nation’s favourite steamed sponge is…

A fanciful black-tie dinner with all the pomp and circumstance was had at the award night for the Nation’s Favourite Steamed Sponge Pudding with A-list celebrities present.

OK, we may be making this bit up just a little but surely, news of this importance should have such a showcase of a ceremony?

And now, we need to actually reveal the winner

It is not like we are building up the suspense, if we were, we could talk about George’s award-winning sponges, how he uses only the best ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to produce some mouth-watering steam sponges, but we won’t be that nasty.

So, for the drum-roll please

As voted for, by you, the pudding loving public

After a month of open voting

From George’s 4 popular sponge varieties

Including Jam, Sticky Toffee, Treacle and Spotted Dick

Available on the website now as part of a 12 pack or 5 pack mix n’ match here

The winner is