Site preparations are complete!

Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates on the Big Build, as we all know, Christmas is approaching us which means orders have been coming in thick and fast! However, the build has been moving at a fast pace too! All the posts have finally been moved to their new location to make way for the build, the footings have been done and the wall has also been reinforced which will prevent it from collapsing into our future kitchen!

Doesn’t this look like a pig’s absolute dream with all that lovely mud?!

We are hoping it won’t be too long now until Georgie Porgie’s new home is built! Hoping to have this all finished ensuring that for next Christmas, George will have even more room to cook his popular puddings and sponges!

Now the Demolition Day is done, the site is cleared and fully open, it means exciting times now and like a phoenix rising, only out of the mud George can finally start the actual build of the kitchens and pudding cafe!

Look out for the next stage of George’s Big Build! See you all in the next update and thank you again for all your support.